The Preamble of Pi Rho Sigma Military Society

To encourage a more absolute coaliton among military men;
to aid in and insist upon the personal progress of its affiliates;
to futher fraternal adoration and a communal essence within
the society; to discountenance immorality; to obliterate all
discrimination of integrity and the chastity of our mother and

Pi Rho Sigma Military Society, Incorporated is an Christian based intercontinental organization that was founded by military men, for military men. Membership in Pi Rho Sigma Military Society, Inc. is offered to men of all branches, who have served a minimum of three (3) years in the United States Armed forces, or have served honorably

Founded September 18, 2014, Pi Rho Sigma Military Society, Incorporated is dedicated to: Providing programs and initiatives to accomplish the vision of our four sacred tenets: Mentoring, Community, Leadership, and Veterans; to being innovators in our society; to being one of the Leading Military Societies in existence.

Pi Rho Sigma Military Society, Inc. promotes philanthropic giving, ongoing leadership, personal development and above all, a spirit of devoted, military brotherhood. Guided by our Faithfulness, Pi Rho Sigma Military Society, Inc. strives to achieve a superior paradigm, thereby refining the lives of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen , and the communities in which they reside. Together, we persistently labor to encourage and influence humanity.